Welcome to Red Team Codex (RTC)

Hi and welcome to RT Codex! 😃👋

My name is Mitch Hines and I have been working professionally in Cyber Security for around 8 years to date, tinkering with computers and programming from age 10. I currently lead a global consultancy Red Team service within the UK and routinely carry out engagements as a certified CCSAS, both regulatory led or otherwise.

My main focus is building implants in order to gain the initial foothold on the target network. Other interests include C2 infrastructure, automation of deployments, reverse engineering and most other areas regarding computer security.

I hope the content provided offers support and guidance for anyone who is interested, and I also plan to use this throughout my own engagements and for training others. This is essentially a place for me to keep notes and refresh my memory so I imagine a lot of it wont be "tutorial" like.

Feel free to reach out via any of the contact methods at the top of the page if you want to get in touch.

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